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tedahfromtyla, from the OUAT district, won the fandom games based on the voting of the public.


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Winner of the Fandom Games


I’m sad to see the fandom games end this way. Not how I expected, to be honest, but we all got a little busy.

Here’s to the two OUAT tributes who made it to the final battle!

In my eyes, they’re both winners. But just to finish this off, we have to have voting from the public.

tedah’s entry

kinsie’s entry

- Queen Snow

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Winner of the Fandom Games

I’m sad to see the fandom games end this way. Not how I expected, to be honest, but we all got a little busy.

Here’s to the two OUAT tributes who made it to the final battle!

In my eyes, they’re both winners. But just to finish this off, we have to have voting from the public.

tedah’s entry

kinsie’s entry

- Queen Snow



The thread finished its loop and he tugged at it gently, making sure the work was tight and solid. It was going to last for a very long time, this one. Yes, a very long time.

He cut the thread and put the sturdy cover aside. There was just one last chapter to be finished and then his work would be done here. So long he had worked on this, bending magic to your will was relatively easy, creating it was a whole different ordeal. It required crafting skills, attention, and an infinite amount of patience. It was a difficult art, because once you made something you had to take care of it. Make sure it followed the right path. God only knew what could happen if some magic was left out of control.

He moved slowly and carefully. His hands couldn’t work as fast as they used to. He had to stop every now and then to rub his white knuckles and ease the ache. The brush caressing the page with precision and the images slowly rose from the parchment. First the architecture of a palace, a crowd of people, candles with their small flames. They almost seemed to flicker. He was pleased with his work. Then it was time to draw the king. He painted every line of the black uniform and the golden buttons. Eventually came the most important part of the picture. The casket was white, open to reveal the form of the savior lying peacefully inside. The arms crossed over her chest and her eyes closed. She could have be sleeping if it hadn’t been for the mourning court gathered around her.

He put the page aside to dry while he washed and cleaned every brush. Magic was a wild thing, moody  and untamable. But it could be domesticated, built up in art and precision if you had enough time and patience. Magic was more or less like a child. It was very hard work but it gave so much satisfaction.

He picked up his tools once again and took the cover. The leather was supple and it was easy to decorate it. He gave each letter the right amount of attention, none was more important than the others. When he was satisfied with the outcome he rubbed his wrinkly hands. He was getting old, this was going to be his last work. One to finish them all. He put the leather cover aside again to dry while he took care of sewing the pages together in the right order. He made sure to use his strongest thread. It would be no use putting so much effort in it if it fell apart after a few years.

Once all the pages were securely tied together he had to bind the book. His fingers touched the paper and the leather with love and care. It was going to be perfect. Eventually he closed the cover and spread his hand over it sighing in satisfaction.

One last thing was to be done. He opened on the last page and read the last few lines.

And that was how the savior left the kingdom one last time, sure that it was in good hands, looking forward to long years of peace. She would be watching over it with her king at her side now that they were finally reunited in death as they were in life.

He took up his quill and dipped the tip in his black ink. He started with a swirl and the letters surfaced on the page


He sighed and closed it again. Now it was time for the story to start. He had to free the magic and let it do its course.

He was light footed when he walked through the empty streets, soon they were going to be full of life and people from another world. He went up the stairs and pushed the door open to reach the bedroom and placed the book in the wardrobe. One day a woman, a teacher, a queen, would live in that apartment and she would help that artifact to  find a way to the end.

There were many kinds of magic, and some thought this world was void of all. How foolish those individual were, he thought as he made his way back out of the town. This world was the receptacle of the most powerful magic of them all: stories.

so this is the end. in more than one way. first of all I’m sorry for being late but life took over. I had a blast during these games. I had the chance to create some great pieces and I met my wonderful ally all through the games kinziefreakingkensington who suppported me and helped me so much to overcome the fear of failure. I wish her the best. another thanks goes to filetthebitch who helped me give form to my ideas with useful comments and tips. then I feel like thanking the gamemakers, whithout whom this event would have never took place. even if I don’t win this last round, I feel I have already won so much during the officialfandomgames

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Anonymous asked: So, does the Once Upon a Time fandom win?

goodnightpond asked for an extension, she’ll be submitting soon



We Open At The Close (Fuck True Love)
By KinzieFreakingKensington
Entry for The Final Round of The Fandom Games

The dream was the same. Dark hair, framing a beautiful, sculpted face. She smiled, although it was sad. She whispers something that I can’t quite hear, can’t quite remember. It…

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Until death do us part


entry for the fandom games round 3

WARNING: major character death (I guess it was kinda obvious.) a little bit of gore.

They had won at last.

Not even Pan was infallible.

All the lost boys had given up after a bit of convincing. They wanted to go back home and now they were safe on the…

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Anonymous asked: Pssst. This is me (the-speckled-ginger). I deleted my tumblr because real life took over my online life. Just thought you should know, and don't be expecting my entry this round! Also, if you make a graphic about my death in the games, I'd really like it if my cause of death was something cool. :) Thanks for putting on these games!


Well, we will miss you a lot :c

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